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Printing technology

We use digital printing technology on a special digital printer for the production of our decals.We are able to print the whole pallete of colours, from black, all the way to white..

Like every technology, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages are:

  • Delicate and very precise colour process.
  • Costs per decal are exactly the same, whether you print one or several decals. This advantage can be best utilized when printing small custom amount (Custom printing).
  • Continuous transition of colours without the need of sharp borders.
  • Colours are not being layered. They make only one thin layer on the laquered surface.

Some disadvantages may be:

  • White colour has to be printed on special decal. If the template includes white colour, the final decal has to be put together from two decals. Decal with white colour, and decal with other colours. However, colours are not layered when printing, and very thin background varnish is used.
  • Decals are printed on laquered paper. Decals need to be cut out before applying.
  • Raster might be visible under magnifying glass in some colour shades, where one CMYK colour is not dominant.