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Decal set configurator

Often, not much is required to perfect the kit. For example, suitable decal with the right size. Thats what configurator can také care of. You can choose from one of graphics, the required decal, and enter the exact size of it You can order only one decal, or you can create your own complete sheet of decals. We will then print the decals for you, and send it your way. If you do not choose the whole sheet, with the size of DX 4 or DX 5 (which you do not have to), then the delivery time may be longer (for sheet dimensions, see our order sheet). In that case, we wait until enough orders are placed, until the sheet is filled.

Choosing of graphical template is very similar to choosing decals that are already premade. However, there is a few minor differences.


Ordering of Decals is very simple. You just need to enter a few parameters, and most importantly, to not forget the exact dimensions!