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Ju-52 / 3m in Czechoslovak service

28. 7. 2019

Added decals for registration OK-ZDN.

Ju-52 / 3m in Czechoslovak service

23. 4. 2019

Added decal version for Italeri kit.

Ju-52 / 3m in Czechoslovak service

18. 4. 2018

In cooperation with Mr. Pavel Klouček new decals for Ju-52 in 1/72 scale were create. Decals are recommended for Heller or KP kits.


We are preparing decals for Italeri kits (1/72 scale) and Revell kits (1/48 scale).

Insignia ranks

4. 4. 2019

Austro-Hungarian lozenge 1/72

9. 12. 2018

Decals are already on a 1/72 scale. As with the 1/48 scale, there are three versions available with "spare parts".

An overview of these decals is here.

Decals were created in collaboration with Filip Servit.

Austro-Hungarian lozenge 1/72

25. 11. 2018

Decals contain three types of Austro-Hungarian lozenge in several variants for wing and fuselage. Each decal can be ordered in three versions: stripes, area or compound stripes. For each type, "spare parts" are also available. So far there are 1/48 scale decals, they are also prepared for the 1/72 scale.

An overview of these decals is here.

Decals were created in collaboration with Filip Servit.

Karl Rammelt

19. 10. 2018

After another short time, this time really new. The long-promised aces on the Bf-109 have their first representative in decals - Karl Rammelt.

See here.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J

15. 10. 2018

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J - Hptm. Nökel is now also on a 1/48 scale..

See here.

Ammunition crates

25. 1. 2017

The ammunition crates are also available at 1:48 scale at this time.

Labels to ammunition crates

17. 10. 2016

In cooperation with Philip Servit, decals for ammunition crates were created.


Aero L-29 Delfin - numerical series

2. 10. 2016

The number series of decals on the Aero L-29 Delfin was expanded to 1:72 and 1: 144 scale.


23. 4. 2016

NOTICE - there was a change of headquarters address and delivery address. The new address is:

Kladeruby nad Oslavou 16
675 75
Czech Republic

UB-16 rackets are completed

22. 2. 2016

UB-16 rackets were completed, so far at scale 1:48.

Aero L-29 Delfin - numerical series 1:48

16. 2. 2016

Recently, the producer of plastic kits are overtaking in the new L-29 Delfin. We respond to these activities with a number of hull numbers. So far for the scale 1:48, other scale will follow.